Crayon resist night sky

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We didn’t do all of the assignments for Kids Art Week. But we did work on the next one. It’s called: Crayon Resist Night Sky.
Using crayons or oil pastels, we had to fill a page with color, lines, shapes. We used my oil pastels and Fiene loved them so much, she couldn´t stop drawing :)
Fiene drawing
She didn’t even want to proceed to the next step, watercoloring on top of the drawings, until she saw me painting mine (I eventually decided I wasn’t going to wait for her to be ready ;) ).
I didn’t take process shots of the drawing she used to complete the assignment, so I can only show you the endresult.
Endresult crayon resist Fiene
The last step of the assignment was to cut out a skyline of houses and trees using black paper. Fiene cut and pasted the paper herself :)
I made two variations of which I took pictures after step 1 and step 3.
Step 1 crayon resist Randy
Endresult crayon resist Randy
Step 1 crayon resist 2 Randy
Endresult crayon resist 2 Randy
In the second one I drew some shapes on top with a regular pencil.

This was fun!


The last assignment we did so far had to do with leaf printing, which I will show you in my next blog post!

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  1. Prachtig! En wat leuk zo’n kids art week! Ik zie kindercursussen eraan komen :-)

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