Pastel drawing


I wish I had taken process shots of this one.
Pastel drawing by Randy Roelen
I started my second ‘attempt’ in pastel drawing by making sort of a lineair composition. I write ‘attempt’ because I think it was actually quite succesfull. My first abstract pastel drawing was more of an attempt to copy Debora Stewart’s way of working, which didn’t work for me much since obviously I am not her ;)
As a starting point for this one, I decided on a lineair composition and I used a few really light colors as an bottom layer. I loved the colors and the design of that layer, and I added some great stuff on top, but somehow, somewhere, I totally wrecked the thing. Luckily I’m getting better at not giving up, and after a lot of adding, wiping, drawing, smudging, blending, I got to this point, where I really like what I’m seeing.
I’m suprised that I so quickly found a way of working and a style that looks and feels like me, with lines and shapes and marks I really like.

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