Creating a color wheel

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In the abstract pastel video’s by Debora Stewart, she talks about color theory and she uses a very nice color wheel. One where you can turn the middle part to show you the different color schemes (complementary, split complementary, triadic, rectangular, square).
Just about every art book I read has a part in it about color theory and I usually skip the part because I think I already know it. Truth is, I don’t really, I’ve never taken much time to really get into it. I definitely should.
I checked at the stores where I buy my art supplies, but the color wheels they sell are all about color mixing. And actually, I’d rather spend my money on actual supplies rather than a color wheel. So I just made one myself!

I will show you what I did, step by step, in case you’d like to make one too.

First, I created a circle and used a protractor to divide it up into twelve equal sections. Inside the circle I added two smaller circles.

Color wheel step 1
In the outside ring I wrote the twelve color names: Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Green Blue, Blue, Blue Violet, Violet and Red Violet. Underneath I added the associated color, using pastel (but ofcourse you could use any other medium).
Color wheel step 2
I cut a small circle from a different sheet of paper and placed it on top (not attached yet). From there I created the identifiers for the different color schemes.

Color wheel step 3
I used a split pin to attach the two pieces of paper together so that I could turn the middle part around.
Color wheel finishedThat’s it! Simple and fun to do, and very usefull :) (And so very pretty, too, with all the bright, beautiful colors!)

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