Three shade paintings


Using dark grey watercolor and water I mixed three different shades of grey to paint with. I used them to experiment with creating more depth and interest, something I’m looking into to take my paintings and drawings to the next level (hopefully).
I created a couple of little paintings to see the different effects that I could get using the three colors.
three-shade paintings
As you can see I tried different variations.
Starting from the middle with a dark shade and working outward with lighter shades.
three-shade paintingsThe other way around (light to dark).
three-shade paintingsVarying the shades.
three-shade paintings
Making one painting layering the 3 colors on top of each other.
three-shade paintings
It was a great learning experience, especially in finding a balance between the colors, and the composition.

I created two paintings starting with light grey in the middle, because the first one wasn’t really balanced, the dark parts are too strong. So I decided to add colored pencil to it to try and balance it out again, which was also fun to do :)
three-shade paintingsthree-shade paintings

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