Graphite drawings


I’ve discovered graphite and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying drawing with this medium. I purchased both woodless graphite pencils and a block of graphite. With that last one I’ve created a bunch of drawing starts by dragging the block across the paper in various ways.
Graphite drawing starts
After creating a composition like this, I intuitively start drawing into what’s been started, mostly following the shapes and forms already there. Other than graphite, I’m starting to use Conté crayons (my favorite crayons) more and more, to add color and life and fun to the pieces.
Untitled by Randy Roelen
Untitled by Randy Roelen
These two are just examples of what I’m sure is going to be a series of drawings. These are great fun to make!
In the bottom piece I used the ‘assert and obliterate’ method mentioned in my last post. At one point I thought I had ruined the drawing but by covering part of it up and drawing the lines again, I feel like I’ve saved it.

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