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This is the second time I’m participating in the iHanna Postcard Swap. (My cards from the last swap can be found here. The cards I received are here.)
Last week I received the ten addresses the cards will be travelling to, and today I finished my ten postcards, which I’ll be sending out tomorrow.

Unlike with the last swap, this time, I had many ideas for postcards. I experimented a lot, trying out different things that have been on my mind to try. I challenged myself quite a bit, which makes it difficult for myself as well. I’ve been doubting whether or not I would finish them all and whether I’d be happy with the results. But I’m pleased with how the turned out.
I was playing around with watercolor when I found the shape of this bird and the spotted tail in the blobs I had made. I decided to use it for one of the postcards. The above was actually a practice card, but I later thought of adding the text ‘Be a proud bird’ (I like the way the bird is looking up :) ) to finish the card and I quite like it.
In the previous swap I created ‘Fun’ cards with doodled circles. I’ve been filling a sheet of drawing paper with the same pattern, for later use, and then found it reminded me of clouds. I decided to use that idea for my cards and place the sheet under a card with a cut out form of a cloud. Combined with the bird, the bird is now cloudsurfing, avoiding the rain underneath :)
These cards are the result of more watercolor play. Making puddles of watercolor, tilting the paper and adding water to the puddles to make the paint drip down. Fun to do! The drips reminded me of flowers, which I wanted to finish with some drawing. This was the hardest part of all cards for me, and therefore I only finished today. The doodling was inspired by an online workshop I’m taking at the moment, by Stephanie Corfee. I didn’t want to copy her shapes, so it took some time for me to find shapes that were ‘mine’.
The same thing I did in combination with the rainclouds.
The background for this card was done entirely by adding drops of watercolor onto paper and using a straw to blow the paint around. I really love this card, the colors, the playfulness. I wanted to draw/doodle something on top, but not too much, the background needed to remain as visible as possible.
These cards are inspired by the black butterfly plant paper cut I did before, and ofcourse my new header. I’ve been wondering for a while about what white on white paper cutting would look like, and this was a great opportunity to try it out. I will be trying more of it in the future!

These cards will be sent to Sweden, the UK and the USA. I hope the recipients will like them!


  1. The straw blowing painting and doodles is my favorite Randy, so beautiful. I hope you make more like that one, but they are all so awesome. So glad you wanted to join again!

    Have a great day!

  2. wat zijn ze weer prachtig!

  3. Ik ben trots op je prachtige kunstwerkjes! Mijn favoriet zijn de flowerdrips

  4. Ik vind ze allemaal leuk!

  5. Love all your postcards especially the one I received with the white cloud and the rail and the flowers formed by paint drips. Such a fun looking method, I want to try something similar!! Thanks for the inspiration & I love your blog. Marge

  6. Randy- I love your process! I received the one with the doodled cloud and watercolor drips…love how you stretched yourself and waited to find your own doodles! I like the white on white paper cutting technique too! Thanks again for sending me your sunshine art!

  7. I love the colors, how transparent they are and your doodles are delightful!

  8. Hi. I shared the image of your postcard on IG (instagram) as soon as I received it. It is SO AWESOME everyone ‘liked’ it. Anyone who didn’t push like was instantly blocked by me.

    Okay, just kidding. But I love it. I have it displayed on my inspiration wall and it always makes things better. So glad you participated in Hanna’s swap. I am hoping to blog about mine soon. I’m late with everything.

    All the best to you. Glad to know where to see more of your work!


  9. Love all your cards

  10. Wow, really beautiful Randy!

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