My watercolor starting point


I’ve been talking about learning about watercolor and lately I’ve been reading two of the three books on watercolor that I ordered (the third is yet to arrive). It looks easy enough and in my head I’m just as advanced with working in watercolor as Jean Haines. In my head indeed…

Yesterday iHanna posted a link on Facebook to a video by on creating watercolor planets. I watched the video together with my 2-year-old daughter and afterwards she declared she wanted to paint. No problem! The day before I had just bought some artist watercolors, so this would be the perfect opportunity to see what they can do (for me ofcourse, my daughter paints with cheap acrylics).
watercolor tubes
My daughter’s interpretation of the assignment :)
watercolor planets fieneMeanwhile I was working on mine, but not very succesfully… I obviously didn’t add enough water for the watercolor to flow much and so some of the ‘planets’ outer circles dried before I could add color on the inside.
watercolor planets randy
I had a lot of watercolor left so I smeared it on a different page, but it was really dark so I tried to add white on top to make it lighter. Didn’t work so I rubbed the paint, leaving this
second watercolor page
Nice colors, but as you can read, I really don’t know anything about how to use watercolors. I can’t even make them watery enough so it’s actually more color than watercolor ;) I could be frustrated and embarrassed about it but I’m not. I remember my first tries with the Gelli Plate, that didn’t turn out as easy as it looked in the video’s I’d seen, but I’ve learned a lot since and gotten way better at it then when I started out. Actually, it works like this with most new things I try. So I will just mark this ‘disaster’ as my starting point and we’ll see what I can learn about working with this new (to me) medium.


  1. OK between this and Tammy’s video I’m definitely inspired to play with my Prang watercolor set today. :)

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